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понедельник, 1 июня 2020 г.

PARTNER GROUP NETWORK ( International Network Agency)


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 “International Network Agency for Investment and Business Consulting” is a network of brokerage and consulting companies located in different regions of the world.

The main objective of this network agency is to support investment projects over the entire range of financing searches.
For investors and financial organizations - the search for the most promising projects, as well as their monitoring and support.

Working in the consulting services market since 2002, our Partner Group of companies was able to gain significant experience in working with investment funds, venture investors and banks, which convinced us to expand the geography of this business.

    The agency works throughout Europe, the CIS of other countries in the real sector of the economy of medium and large business and plans to provide a number of services in the areas of B2B and B2P, providing selection of investment projects, their preparation for presentation to interested investors and the conclusion of investment
 (or credit) agreements.

Marketing of services to applicants and potential investors is carried out mainly on the basis of Internet technologies, but also by the participation of representatives of the agency (exchange) at thematic exhibitions, conferences, investment salons, round tables, etc., establishing contacts and working with relevant departments of power structures, both at local and republican levels.

        Search, selection and invitation of interested investors to participate in round tables, salons, etc. carried out in Europe, Asia, America and Southeast Asia.
For this, an Internet platform for Investment projects and investments is being autonomously developed (at this stage, the concept of this portal has been developed).
The network agency for the project owner or investor is an effective tool for working in the market, allowing you to receive the necessary exclusive information about promising projects and the best sources of financing.

We can assume that while working with the project, three issues are solved simultaneously — promoting their projects on the international investment market, marketing, and the possible development of their own projects through a network of specialized companies.

How it works?
If you are the owner of a project or business.

1. You are contacting our network member with an offer.
2. Conclude an agency agreement. The agent becomes your authorized representative of the project.
3. Transfer the necessary package with project information.
4. Provide the necessary advice in the process of the agent in the market.
5. Receive offers from potential partners or investors.
Make a decision, make a deal.

What do you get by working with our group?

1. Experience in the investment market, contacts with financial companies and investors.
2. International partnership network of investment, agents, consultants and brokers.
3. Placement of information in the online investment sites and groups that we administer, including international ones.

4. Address mailing of your proposal to investment companies and funds.

5. Promotion of your offer in specialized online media.

6. The ability to pack your project according to international standards.

7. Legal and consulting support.

8. The ability to form a project team.

9. Control and support of the project or transaction, etc.

Information resources created with our support.


Directory of investors

Investment projects

Business in Ukraine


Investment consulting


Loans and investments

Export Import
International transportation

IT projects, service
Advertising, WEB

Business sale


Business and Tourism - Canary Islands

 You can send your projects or applications for the purchase of a business by email:

If your business is related to this activity, you can become our partner by sending information about your activities by

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