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пятница, 1 апреля 2022 г.

Investment strategies

As part of a written consultation on raising funds for the project, we consider the following issues:


 1. General information about the types of investments.

 2. Typical investor questions to the project owner.

 3. A specific list of questions for applicants regarding   external  financing and development.

 4. Plan of necessary actions to attract investment.

 5. Options for project financing sources.

 6. Main activities to find funding.

 7. Estimated budget for "packaging" and promotion of the project.


Package  Starter - 1.2 .3. paragraph.   -200$

Package Standard -             -250$

Package Advanced -        -300$



This consultation answers basic questions related to fundraising work.

After paying for the consultation, full information on the indicated topics will be sent to your address.


What result are you getting?


 Understanding the algorithm of specific actions that will allow you to get a basic understanding of the issue of attracting investments to your project.

This knowledge will help you avoid mistakes and remove certain illusions while saving you time and money!



As part of a separate order, we will be able to continue our cooperation.

A work plan for specific activities can be developed only after a detailed review of the information and documents of the project under discussion.