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понедельник, 26 июня 2023 г.

Team of investment and business advisors " PARTNER GROUP NETWORK".


We are a team of professional lawyers, financiers, consultants, auditors and managing partners of various funds. The PGN (Partner Group Network) project specializes in financing commercial business projects, as well as short-term financing of working capital for companies and organizations operating in various fields and geography.

Our competence also includes comprehensive preparation and independent evaluation of projects and companies for their subsequent financing or sale to specialized buyers.

 Nikolai   Mikhalenko  

      Acting consultant Auditor of the financial group BALTIC  AUDIT


    Managing Partner of the ICI Charitable International Private Investment Fund.

    Partner "Partner Group Network".

Vitaly Drut

Investment and business consultant
Managing partner " Partner Group Network".


Comprehensive project support, search for funding,internet promotion.

Crisis management, international development.

Industries : Production, real estate, trade, transport and logistics, information and B2B business.
Geography: Ukraine, Spain, Baltic States.

Gediminas Citukas

Business consulta/nt certified mediator.

Ceo "Indo-Balt Chamber of Commerce”.
Partner  " Partner Group Network".

Support of projects.
Crisis management, international cooperation and development. Social projects.
Industries : Manufacturing, real estate, trade,
Geography: Lithuania,Poland, Baltic States, India.

Denys Yuzhakov

Business Owner and Property Investor

Investment Brokerage

Businesses assistance for SME 

Corporate relationship

GEO: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Ukraine

Partner   " Partner Group Network".

Georg Suhachev 

CFO is the Chief Financial Officer of the ICI Charitable International Private Equity Investment Fund.

Partner   " Partner Group Network".

Associate Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences

Arvydas Sirvinskas ,Lithuania. 

Partner "Partner Group Network"

Artur Paberzs

Managing Marketing Manager of the International Private Investment Fund with ICI Charitable Orientation.

Partner " Partner Group Network".



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