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суббота, 13 мая 2023 г.

Develop and manage your business with professionals!


Who are we?

We are a team of professional investment and business consultants

working on international markets with projects in various segments of the economy and geography.

Geography where we work for a long time:

European countries, Ukraine, CIS countries, India.

Our specialization:

Crisis management, project management, promotion of products or services on the international market.

What are we doing?

In the field of project and investment management.

For owners of companies with free or unloaded capacities.

1. Analysis of possible projects and directions of business development in the existing territory.

2.Preparation of the concept of a new project with reference to an existing facility.

3. Development of a marketing strategy and business plan for a new project.

4. Formation of a team for project implementation.

5. Preparation of functional duties for employees and methods of planning and monitoring the implementation of tasks.

6.Search for potential partners and investors.

7. Development of a marketing strategy and advertising to promote the company's products or services.

  Management in the field of international business development.

For manufacturing, trading and service companies aimed at international development.

1. Development of the promotion concept.

2. Answers to the questions: What do we sell? How do we sell? Who are we selling to?

3. Marketing and advertising (preparation of a promotion plan).

4. Carrying out advertising campaigns.

5. Selection or correction of a team for the development of regional sales.

6. Accounting and database of potential customers and suppliers.

7. Preparation of presentations and commercial offers for work on the international market.

8. Training staff how to sell.

9. Organization and conduct of advertising campaigns.

10. Creation of a concept and proposals for the formation of a representative and partner regional network.

11. Organization of joint ventures (joint ventures) with potential partners.

12. Accounting and legal outsourcing.


What are you getting?

A trained team of managers and partners in one person interested in working for a common result.

Analysis of the current situation and a systematic approach to the implementation of specific tasks.

Proposals for promising projects as applied to your business and tasks.

The experience of professional managers, which will be directed to the organization of the business and its control.

Promotion of products (services) on the international market.

Partner network of specialized partners in different regions and countries.

As a result, profit and business development.

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