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PGN (Partner Group Network)

 Dear potential partner!

We are a team  of professional lawyers, financiers, consultants, auditors and managing partners of various funds.

 The PGN (Partner Group Network) project specializes in financing commercial business projects, as well as short-term financing of working capital for companies and organizations operating in various fields and geography.

Our competence also includes comprehensive preparation and independent evaluation of projects and companies for their subsequent financing or sale to specialized buyers.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of high-quality financial, investment and business consulting services designed for various segments of your business.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in project preparation, legal due diligence, and investment process management.

For project initiators:

Preparing projects for external financing:

We provide a full range of services, including investment project analysis, risk assessment, financial expertise and legal support.

Development of investment proposals:

Creation of business plans, teasers and investment memorandums.

Internal document flow for financing:

Assistance in organizing effective internal management to successfully attract financing.

Defense of the project to the investor:

Providing detailed answers to investor questions and comprehensive support during the project defense process.

For business owners:

Preparing a business for sale:

Legal, economic and advertising support for the successful sale of a business.

Preparing a package for lending or investment:

We prepare a full package of documents to attract credit resources or investments.

Crisis management:

We provide expert assistance in crisis situations to restore business sustainability.

For investors:

Analysis of promising projects:

Detailed study of investment opportunities and assessment of their risks.

Organization of project management: Providing a full range of services for project management and financial control.

Buying or selling a business:

Assistance in conducting successful business purchase and sale transactions.

For an existing business:

Outsourcing services:

We provide IT outsourcing, as well as financial and management outsourcing to optimize your activities.

By choosing our company, you will receive a reliable and competent partner for the successful development of your business.

We are ready to support you at all stages of your path to success.

**** If you carefully read the above text, it will become clear that we first prepare the project for financing, and only then begin to offer it to potential investors and lenders, and not vice versa.

At the same time, searching for an investor is a separate job, a specific amount of time spent, as well as a fairly qualified job that needs to be done, understanding what you are doing and what you have.

As happens in practice and with a doctor, the client may survive, or maybe not...

BUT... first you need to get tested and get a diagnosis (this is usually done for money). 

No one will give guarantees for recovery, but treatment is still necessary...



Team of investment and business advisors " PARTNER GROUP NETWORK"

Investment consulting

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Logistic/Transport  (англ.)

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Real estate

International real estate: Panama, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Georgia, Lithuania.

Business sale



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