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пятница, 28 июля 2023 г.

Benefits of out-of-bank factoring

 Dear Entrepreneurs 

We are a PGN (Partner Group Network Project) team specialized in short term working capital financing for companies and organizations working in various fields. We present a very noticeable unique - out-of-bank factoring, which, of course, significantly affects the dynamically developing business and achieves new heights.

What is out-of-bank factoring? This is an innovative approach to financial management that provides information about additional working capital at the moments when they are really needed. We are ready to offer you accounting on an ongoing basis so that you can make immediate payments to your counterparties and grow your business without restrictions.

Benefits of out-of-bank factoring:

Flexibility and speed: Get the funds you need when your business needs it. Quick decisions and prompt financing of financing - that's what distinguishes us from banking institutions.

Simplicity and accessibility: You do not need to be a bank customer, have a credit history or face lengthy bureaucratic procedures. We make the process of obtaining financing fast and affordable.

Risk protection.

Unsecured financing.

Loyal conditions: We value each client and approach the collection of solvency individually, providing the most favorable financing conditions.

Deferral of payment to suppliers: With official off-bank factoring, your supplier will not incur any tax liability until the recipients of funds for the delivered goods or services are delivered.

Not balance quality.

Attractiveness to customers: no delay in payment makes your products more attractive to customers, which significantly increases the volume of sales and a high degree of reputation in the market.

We are ready to become your reliable partner and your assistant in business. Become a part of our Partner Group Network project Project and get a unique commercial offer that is fully consistent with your company.

Take the next step towards growing your business with us! Contact us right now for all the details and terms of our offer. We are ready to solve all your questions and choose for you the best financial solution for your success.

Sincerely, PGN Team (Partner Group Network of the Project)

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