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суббота, 7 октября 2023 г.

International Business Support and Protection Project - PGN Project (Partner Group Network)


International Business Support and Protection Project - PGN Project (Partner Group Network)


The PGN project is the managing structure of a number of commercial specialized organizations, companies and individuals serving business projects, which are engaged in international auditing, legal, consulting, financial and activities for the placement and protection of capital, preparation for project financing.

The PGN (Partner Group Network) project is a commercial organization with a wide information coverage of international business projects posted on its Network resources and various available options for using free capital as an investment.

The PGN project is represented in various regions of the world.

The PGN Project is not looking for investors - investors are already part of the PGN Management Structure and themselves consider proposals that are beneficial for implementation, verified and provided by the financial group of the PGN Project.

The PGN project analyzes and offers business projects a pool of specialized investors, from which the managers of these projects themselves choose the most suitable investment option for them.

The PGN project provides direct relations to the owners of approved projects and interested investors.

The PGN project provides legal and financial support for business projects and protection against risks.

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At the same time, you must always understand:

1. No one will invest in unrealistic and undeveloped business projects, as well as in inadequate people. Everything else is just a matter of time, competence, perseverance and compromise.

2. To independently prepare a project and invest it with external funds is very rare and is accessible to few.

3. You will always receive external funds only on the Investor’s terms and along with the corresponding risks for you.

4. Investments in your project always involve risks for both the project and the investor.

  You need to be prepared for these questions in advance.

5. Receiving an investment is not something to rejoice at yet. It often happens - this is a bait to complicate your life - “this is business and nothing personal!”

The PGN Project (Partner Group Network) will always help you understand and understand these points.



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